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S4 National 5  Revisit Revise Review

The National 5 Revisit Revise Review programme will revisit topics originally delivered via online learning. The programme will use a variety of resources to engage learners and support their learning, including videos, notes, exercises, lesson starters and past paper questions.


The programme will run parallel to the delivery of new topics in school. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each pupil to access the resources on the Department Blog outside of class time. Paper copies are available upon request from class teachers.

Your teacher will support you at all stages of the programme - remember to seek help/advice from them as often as it is required.


Topic Recap

[completed in class] 

Your teacher revisit the notes and exercises delivered during online learning.


Notes and Exercises

[completed at home]

A copy of the notes and supporting exercises can be downloaded below. It is the responsibility of each pupil to access these resources outside of class time and revise them thoroughly. Paper copies are available upon request.

Lesson Starters

[completed in class]

You will complete a series of starter questions in class. Please arrive to class promptly and engage with these questions as soon as possible.


Knowledge Review

[completed in class]

Towards the end of the revision block, you will be given the opportunity to complete a worksheet which contains core, extension and exam level questions. This will be marked by your teacher and formative feedback will be provided. This will help you to plan and prioritise future learning. The worksheet will be returned as soon as possible, in line with currently safety guidelines.

Next Steps

 [completed at home]

Further support is available via the National 5 page on the department blog.  

National 5 Revision Topics

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